Visual Griot PEL has permeated the minds of his followers and fans alike provoking thought, feeling and conversation using the news and pop culture as his subject matter. His military and menswear fashion background honed his skills and broadened his artistic horizon with seamless attention to detail.

His travels across the globe have helped him to develop a panopticperspective that is all his own. PEL stands out from others because he wants to have a candid conversation that is not held by the cadence of normalcy. Immersion into different cultures has helped him to interweave different textures of conversation into one fluid roll. He further curated his juxtaposing of a topic’s opposing views with a daily caricature of current events via social media (his DailyDoodles on his Instagram page), as well as becoming a monthly contributor for a full-page political feature in Penthouse magazine called “Sketchy Truths”.

His unique outlook is the common thread to his tightly knitted narrative despite the medium used. Whether through the use of a pen, marker or paint he has mastered the ability of having in depth conversations with the viewer. This dialogue is often done whimsically while addressing the elephant in the room. His subtle pokes at pop culture icons and commercial compliance are his hallmark. PEL gives us entry to glance at his skewed envisage and constant aberration from the commonplace. He challenges all to Please Enjoy Life Nurturing Your Creativity.

“I am an ambidextrous painter that uses the news and pop culture as my brushes, and the world as paint… through which I have a conversation with the canvas of your mind.”

Artfully yours,