Jaybo painting of 4:44 by Pel by Pelnyc

Acrylic on canvas painting of the "Jaybo" character portrayed in "The Story of OJ" video off of Jay-Z's 4:44 album.  I was motivated to paint this because of the power of the video.  It spoke to so much that the disenfranchised go through and their socioeconomic woes.  Jay-Z isn't preachy as he talks to us about thigs that we should be doing with our money to further empower ourselves and our communities.  It is great to see Mr. Carter's growth and evolution from talking about flipping a pound of "weight" to flipping property and art.  

Huffington Post interview by Pelnyc

I feel blessed to be acknowledged on the Huffington Post.  I must say that answering the questions for this interview brought back many memories.  Sometimes when I reflect upon my past I feel like I am watching someone else's life's movie.  It is hard to put it into words sometimes but it actually feels surreal to think of all the people that have touched my life.  I thank each and every one of you all.

I appreciate my story being captured by Raval Davis.