SMOKER CLUB 420 RECAP / by Pelnyc

My good friend, and favorite DJ, Chuck Barrett,  reached out to me to participate in his annual 420 party. He wanted to use my art a vehicle to incapsulate and showcase the dynamic range of people who part take in the cannibus culture.  As a believer in the proliferation of Marijuana's medicinal use, I thought it would be a good opportunity to step outside my own box and create portraits of some of my favorite pop icons in a context not typical of my previous work.

I glazed each of the paintings.  I was going to add color to the subjects but felt that they looked better in all cool grays.  I did the repeated colorful backgrounds in illustrator,  This is gave a good contrast from the subjects.  I then added acrylic paint on top of them to provide texture and added definition.


Once completed my "Smokers Club" capsule was debited at a private penthouse for Chucks annual 420 event. After the event the capsule was exhibited for a week ay the Ward-Nasse gallery in soho.


Now that Chuck is consulting for Hight Times Magazines, my Smoker Club capsule will also be part of an exhibit curated by Chuck Barrett at Penthouse Six (the Lofts at Prince) and for High Times in November. And thanks to Harry Nasse, This will be followed by a week long show once again at Ward-Nasse Gallery.