Okay, so its time I shared the story of how my talents ended up on the pages of one of America's most celebrated publications, Penthouse. As an artist you rarely have true complete creative freedom for commissioned work.

I was approached by Raphie, a marketing executive at Penthouse, in July of 2014 to create a piece for the September issue. Although his name seemed very familiar, I couldn't place it at the time.  Naturally I asked him how he had heard about my art as I really didn't think that I was on Penthouse's radar.  He told me that he was introduced to my work by our mutual friend, Matt Fontana. Matt had shown him my Dailydoodles on Instagram and he was so intrigued by the subject matter he invited me to create Doodles for Penthouse.  I told him that I wanted to give them something that was new and refreshing and a bit more signature.  I was happy that they allowed me to still have the same amount of creative freedom.




I was having a conversation with a friend about how the republicans and democrats sit at the same party.  The power of the oligarchy and their lust for money makes the only color that they care about its GREEN.  The idea that I also wanted to push the idea that some factions of "hate" and "hope" are all pushed by the Oligarchy.

This was started as a sketch.  I then scanned it in and painted in the color via the glazing techniques used in oil painting.  I digitally manipulated a hundred dollar bill to add some texture to the back ground.



There had been a bunch of issues in the media about police brutality.  I didn't want to turn this piece into a race issue.  I wanted to strip that away and have the conversation about those in power and how the mishandling and lack of training for various situations.  I feel that these unfortunate events are having a toll on our cities and how we view law enforcement as a whole.  I left the hands as human and put a ring on the reaper just to give the idea of a human element.  To me the idea of him being able to touch as a person gave a different texture to the idea of him still having the thoughts of death and the burning city in his wake. I just gives the subtle idea of remorse and hope to the brooding issue.

I did this all in Photoshop.  It was done with the glazing technique like in oil paintings.  I used several references for the reaper and just wanted to suggest the buildings in the back. I used several different brushes that I have found on Deviant Art 

This also was my one year anniversary piece.  Wow how time flies when your pushing paint, pencils and pixels.



I did this piece based on the Dailydoodle sketch that I did for Eric Garner case of him being strangled.  For that Dailydoodle I had Lady Liberty choking Lady Justice.  Instead for this I wanted to play up the ideas of sexual innuendo and play up the sexual relationship between the two of them.  I also thought that it was more of a telling tale to allow the shadow of Liberty to fall on Justice and project her power.  The flag blindfold also became the focus beyond the idea of dominance as it is a smile thing that actually changes the perspective of the Justice as she doesn't know what to expect.  In short all the things that make up Liberty and Justice wind up being the hallmarks for Justice getting consumed into the act.

I did this all digitally in Photoshop but I wanted to do it with hard lines.  I kept this gray to play on the idea of justice not being "Black and White", that there is definitely a gray area that this lives in.



The arrival of new cannibas laws brought me to want to touch on the subject matter.  It is interesting how some states are looking at weed as a means to move there budgets.  The culture has already been exposed beyond the White House steps.  It has ben intrinsically woven into the tapestry of the United States via some special quotes:

“Some of my finest hours have been spent sitting on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as my eye can see.” -Thomas Jefferson

“Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.” -George Washington

 was working on my 420 series at this time. I had just acquired the Wacom Cintiq 27HD.  This was the first sketch that I did 100% from scratch on it with out any reference.  I was excited just to push a new medium.  



I was asked to build into a bit of a sexual innuendo.  The first thing that I thought about was issues of the church with kids.  I wanted to touch a nerve but I wanted to do it from a different perspective.  I thought that touching on the idea of innocents being taken advantage of.  I felt that playing on the Kissing Booth gave an interesting play to the subject matter.

I played with sketching with a ball point pen and coloring in the work with Copic markers.  I used a color pencil to give a pop of white to the preacher's shirt.



Technology has been one of subject that I like to touch upon.  I thought that the idea that technology is taking over more bespoke methods goods and services.  I used the DJI Phantom and the military drone as my subjects.  I felt that this shows how the commercial and military sectors are directly impacting civilian sector.  

I did this with ballpoint pen from a sketch and went in with a Copic marker.



I wanted to have a conversation about homelessness.  I feel that it is a conversation that has mixed views.  Some of these views stem from the need of having more of a strategic plan to combat it.  Other views are of supposed homeless people praying on the public for charity and not really wanting to get up and work for their own means.  I wanted to also play on the idea of technology and need to be able to accept credit/debit cards, this is due to tangible currency becoming obsolete.

For this I did a straight to paper sketch with a ball point pen.  I just wanted to freestyle this piece without any premeditation.  I then went in with the Copic markers just to give a bit of color to the background.



I wanted to poke a little fun at online dating and how it is replacing the archaic applications of meeting someone in the physical realm.  It is interesting because the online algorithms seen to be beating out Cupid as far as compatibility rating.  Alas he has to find work and is setting his resumé up on various online sites as well.

I elected to do this all digitally via a sketch I had previously did.  I was going to use the glazing technique as in oil paintings, but elected to just stay with the gray to give contrast to the broken arrows.  I felt like this drew the eye to the color and added depth to the conversation.



My inspiration for this piece of artwork was Y2K.  I thought about the passing of the guard of time.  I wanted to push the conversation of the digital age a bit by playing with the hourglass from the old Apple computers.  I felt like this was a good representation of how quickly technology becomes obsolete as well.

The techniques that I used was Copic markers with brush pens.  I chose brush pens because this was a round the time that I started doing my #pelmanship series on instagram and working with hand script and lettering.



I based this off of my 2013 Dailydoodle where I wanted to have a play on the popular holiday celebrations (Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah).  I know wanted to really focus on the separation of Christmas between the commercial aspect that is represented by Santa and the religious perspective that is project by the Jesus.  One of the things that really makes me laugh each time I see is the hat flips between both subjects.  I also got a quick chuckle out of Jesus holding the water bottle that has wine it in.

The method that I used for this was pre-sketch on paper.  Then I inked it with a felt pen an colored it up with Copic markers.



I fun doing this.  I felt like it was a great play on the Halloween.  My idea was to make Uncle Sam seem like he was the over generous candy giver (this was due to the "One for you,..." smile on his face).  The idea of giving Monopoly money (in the highest domination) was my nod to the fiat money that is doled out to both sides of the political oligarchy.  

I sketched this out and wanted to play with the idea of glazing (ad done with oil paints).  I did so in Photoshop by laying down and all gray base and going over it with tranparencies of color.  The night sky was an after thought but I wanted it to be subjective as to keep focus on the main discussion of the art.



I pulled away by trying to be an news oracle and seeing into the future.  I just turned onto issues that I thought would stir some conversation.  I chose to focus on our need to govern our own soil versus doing so abroad.  

I sketched this out and inked it and colored it in with Copic markers.  I then color corrected it and mad an adjustment in photoshop.



This was very challenging for me being that it was my first issue.  It was because I had to try to forecast the news for the first time versus just reporting it like I did in the Dailydoodles.  I picked the "International Day of Peace" when I was searching for subject matter.  I used Knotted Gun Statue by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd as a reference for the drawings.

I sketched this and colored it up fully in Photoshop.  I allowed the pencil marks to show through to give it a more hand done feel.