I had the privilege to go to the opening day of the "ROLOS and ICONS" collection by my friend Tony Peralta. Tony and I met through the apparel industry and Ive been a supporter of his fashion and art ventures for over a decade. It was awesome to view his latest venture was held in memory of Peralta’s late mother, Alsacia Ramirez, who passed earlier this year. Her strength inspired many of the pieces on view.

The "ROLOS and ICONS" collections reimagines famous latin woman in a much more natural setting.  They are all doing hair rollers as if still dolling themselves up.  I thought this was great just because it brought us a behind the scenes snap shot of such iconic figures as Frida Khalo, Linda Carter (Wonder Woman), Selena, Celia Cruz and even Dora the Explorer.  If you missed it I hope that you have a chance to see his effort to bring Washington Heights to Soho, hopefully you will be around for his next collection as I will.