"The Toast" |Acrylic on Canvas

"The Toast" |Acrylic on Canvas

I spent one day down Maimi for Art|Basel Miami and had the privilege to present my commissioned artwork to Premiere Beverage Company at Fade to Black. Those lucky enough to be in attendance, witnessed and experienced a partnership with MoCADA, and AFROPUNK to celebrate contemporary black art's most important and emerging names like Tim Okamura Jamel Shabazz, Nema Etebar, Adrian Franks, Khalik Allah and Akintola Hanif.  It was truly an honor for me to participate. Thanks to my friend (?) x at MoCADA I was invited to participate by exhibiting a custom piece that would originally be donated to the office of The Premeire Beverage Company as a thank you gift for their continued support. But when the owners saw the piece I had created for them, its colors and theme invoked memories of the ocean and the cocktail parties hosted by them their summer home. So instead of the corporate office, it's going to the Caribbean to be hung in their vacation home. 

above pics cred: Phillip Shug

It wasn't all work in Miami. While there I made sure to support my peoples at The Dean Collection  and walk their "No Commission"exhibit. Swizz and the team did a great job of curating the exhibit. It was good to see some new pop artist along side some of my favorites. Artists included KAWS, BK The Artist, SWOON, Cyrcle, D*Face, Wolfbat, Derrick Adams, HOXXOH, Doze Green, Dustin Yellin, Jill Greenberg and Kehinde Wiley. I appreciated the fact that artists were allowed to showcase their work for free and take home 100 percent of their proceeds, a departure from the industry standard where galleries both take a percentage of profits and charge for booth space.

Somehow, I even made the time to walk through Context, Art Miami’s sister fair, featuring cutting-edge artwork by emerging and mid-career artists like Alexi Torres, Jonathan Beer and Kentaro Hiramatsu.