PEL painting Kenora Project_2.jpg

This is a project that is near and dear to my heart.  After being diagnosed in late October of last year, I lost my best friend in February of this year to cancer. I knew her my entire life, Her name was Kenora. She was my mother,

To commemorate her spirit, on January 3rd, her birthday, I will launch "The Kenora Project". The Kenora Project features 62 piece capsule. Each piece features an image of a heart centered rose with a golden halo in back of it.  The goal of this project is for people to give flowers to loved ones whilst they are still alive (as the old adage goes). Each piece of art is free. I will be placing them in popular parks, in front cancer treatment centers and public areas.  No need to purchase.  I just ask that if you come across one, you share it with someone you hold dear to you as a gift. Signed Certificates of Authenticity will be sent free of charge to anyone who cares for it. This will also  grant you complimentary admission to the upcoming Kenora Project show. 

I look forward to sharing this important project with all of you.


Kenora's son