Artek welcomes Art and Texture,... / by Pelnyc

I had the recap the pleasure of going to Andrew Thiele's debut solo show.  It was filled with various techniques and layers that all pointed to a time recently forgotten.  The story that unraveled from the various pieces and sculptures reminded me of going through an archeological dig site of what was once New York City.  Pieces of forgotten culture and lore peppered some of the artwork and shown a light into the inner workings of the Big Apple that made niche neighborhood living so great.  This is seen in how Andrew deconstructed bodega signage or the subway iconography that we pass everyday and take for granted.  Hints of hip hop mysticism also played an integral parts in the works as scene on a black type based structure that read in boldly "Socrates Philosophies and Hypotheses" from the infamous Inspectah Decks Triumph verse.  Other hip hop notes are taken from the piece that took all the alcohols that Mobb Deep referenced in "Drink Away the Pain"

This was definitely a great way to see New York form a very unique perspective.