The Kenora Project - James Pharrell / by Pelnyc


What began as a personal journey with The Kenora Project, has rapidly transformed into a communal movement amongst my friends and their colleagues. My original vision was to use the art that I was creating in dedication to my mother, as a vehicle to motivate people to share their appreciation for the ones they cared about. By sharing my mission with my friends, I was able to observe how they reacted to by intent and discover more about the people that had affected their lives personally. Hearing their stories and dedications lead me to appreciate my friends even more. 

Taking my own advice, I used my phone to document some of the dedications from my friends to the ones they wanted to share their Kenora Project Pins with. The first person I had to get was the long time homie James Pharrell.  James is the founder of NU CO; but we met many  years ago when I was the creative director for Azzure and he was running marketing for Varsity. James is straight to the point no chaser, I guess that makes perfect sense since he has the biggest Hennessy collections in the United States. 

Through the years, James has been an unwavering friend and advocate of my art. While working on a difficult project years ago, he once reminded me "It can still be fun..." His words on that day have always stayed close to me. Even through all of the hard work that it has taken to get the The Kenora Project going, I always reminded myself to have fun. 


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