The Kenora Project - Angelo Rosa / by Pelnyc


I was super excited to give the Kenora Project Pin to my long time homie Angelo Rosa.  I first met Angelo when he was on the come up of his fashion career.  This guy is epitome of a hustler that is going to get his gift out their to the masses by any means necessary.  We first met when he was interning at 10Deep.  He was going to school at the time for fashion design and was determined that he was going to make it to the big leagues.  From that time till no he has interned with the likes of Marc Jacobs, worked for Vera Wang, started a jewelry line with his lapidary cousin, had his work walk during New York Fashion Week and is currently working on his personal collection.  He is a true inspiration and super dope!!!!!!  I was totally honored to bless him with a pin.  Please take the time out to see some of his work on instagram.



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