The Kenora Project - Fran Wong / by Pelnyc

Fran Wong

Big shout out to my dear friend Fran Wong!! I first met Fran when she was the VP of Merchandising at Universal, now she is a big-wig at Sony. With all the fancy titles she has had, she is one of the most genuine people I have ever met.  She is definitely one executive that will do whatever it takes to win, but never at the expense of her staff.  She is a natural nurturer at heart. Always taking care of and defending the team she is leading.  Not only is she a dope person but she has a personal style that puts some design houses to shame. Fran has a knack for coupling the creative and analytical sides together, which often times aligns the stars in her favor. Fran has been there for me through the years and definitely during the loss of my momma' bear.  I was proud to give her a pin from The Kenora Project.  Listen to her dedication below.