THE GREATEST - Print Edition Limited / by Pelnyc



SIZE: 13 x 19 inches

TYPE: Archival Pigment Print on Premium Fine Art Paper.

This print run comes signed, numbered and with a sealed Certificate of Authenticity from PEL


"This tribute piece comes in the wake of 'The Greatest of All Time', 'The People's Champ' Muhammad Ali.  There are many great quotes and antics of this iconic figure both in and out of the ring.  I feel like he represented so many things to me growing up.  He was met with various forms of adversity and never compromised himself while meeting them head on.  He also was one of the earliest action figures that my mother game me.  I played with him until his gloves lost color in them.  He will be greatly missed and should be an inspiration to all of us to stand tall and represent our namesake." - PEL