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SIZE: 19 x 13 inches

TYPE: 230 gms high quality paper Giclee print with archival pigment inks.  

FINISH: matte

ADDITIONAL: This print run comes signed, numbered and with a sealed Certificate of Authenticity from the artist.

PRICE: $50.00

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There has been commentary and actions by supporters on both sides of the aisle. Protestors are out in mass letting it be known that they are not excepting the President Elect, and at times become violent.  While other Hillary supporters show their ever so silent solidarity by donning safety pins. On the other side some Trump supporters are taking the position of racially charged violence towards various minorities.  While some have cried about Hillary's loss others were rejoicing, but our nation just days later seems more divided as ever.  Heavy is the head that wears the crown but I don't think any are taking into account the anxiety that Trump is facing right now.  He truly may be the only one able to solve this.